Amul Elaichi Shrikhand

Tastier, richer, smoother, better Shrikhand, made out of quality ingredients. Prepared from fresh curd, cream and sugar. No artificial flavour or synthetic colour. Pasteurised before packing to ensure freedom from disease causing bacteria.
Manufacturer: Amul

Gujarati and Maharashtrian people love Shrikhand as a part of their regular as well as festive meal along with Roti / Puri. Rest of the Indians prefer Shrikhand for the change of taste purpose or as sweet dessert. 

Product Name Amul Elaichi Shrikhand
Product Category Shrikhand
Ingredient Type 100% Vegetarian
Packaging Type Cup
Packing Units 500 Gm, 1 KG
Item Package quantity 1
Shelf Life 6 months when stored at 0 degree Celsius
Storage Condition Refrigeration below 4°C