Amul Kool Kesar, Pet Bottle, 200 Ml

Amul Kool Kesar is refreshing milk with taste of Saffron (Kesar). Available in easy to use Glass Bottles and Pet Bottles.
Manufacturer: Amul

Remember the good old days when your mother used to ask you to drink 'Kesar'- saffron milk to improve your skin tone? Now, get Amul Kool milk infused with elegant Kesar that leaves a creamy rich taste in your mouth. Not just for skin, Kesar is highly beneficial for hair and has medicinal properties. This Amul Kool Kesar is available in glass and pet bottle. It is meant to refresh you immediately with the goodness of milk.

Tastes best when chilled.

Product Name Amul Kool Kesar
Product Category Flavoured Milk
Ingredient Type 100% Vegetarian
Packaging Type Glass Bottle, Pet Bottle
Packing Units 200 ml
Item Package quantity 1
Shelf Life 180 days when stored in cool and dry place
Storage Condition Ambient