Welcome to Lunawada

Lunawada is a town in the Mahisagar, former Panchmahal District, in the Northern part of Gujarat state of India.

Lunawada was established by the ancestors of Maharaja Vir Bhadra Singh as the state of Virpur, then it returned to the state of Lunawada. Before the town was established, the area was controlled by the princely state of Santrampur, ruled by Puwar Rajputs. The border of Santrampur state is near Koyli Vaav known as Mandvi Bazar. The last ruler of Lunawada was Maharaja Vir Bhadra Singh. The best known historical place near Lunawada is Kaleshwari where there are Pandav chori, foot prints of Bhima, ancient water kund (small bodies of water sometimes sanctified), several vaavs (large wells with accessible steps to the water level) and the Lord Shiva temple.